M.A Consulting, Luxembourg is a privately held company, providing consulting services to international beneficiaries of EU Funds. We provide all our clients with over a decade of expert knowledge and practical experience gained from within the European environment.
Fundamental to our philosophy, we focus on providing all our clients with clear, simple and impartial advice, tailored to the specific needs and wants of their organisation. In fact, we pride ourselves on the delivery of only the highest standards of service, by providing a variety of bespoke training programmes ones that exceed all our customers expectations.
We are strongly committed to building long-term relationships, based on quality, integrity, performance and customer satisfaction. We always work hard to establish a thorough understanding of your organisational objectives as we understand no two clients are alike.


M.A Consulting’s mission is to provide the beneficiaries of EU Grants, with an in-depth understanding of financial management, i.e. legal requirements of European regulations, and interpretation of the rules from an experienced, senior auditors personal point of view.

"We deliver only the highest quality service, that exceeds our customers' expectations."


Prior to the establishment of M.A Consulting, Mojca worked as a senior auditor and a liaison officer at the European Court of Auditors, in the areas of Research (FP6, PF7 and H2020 Projects), Internal Policies and External Actions. During that time she frequently participated in the audit mission of projects under the EU Structural fund, European social fund and European Development Fund / Global Europe actions. She was also a member of the Budget Committee in the European Council and its Chairperson during the Slovenian Presidency in 2008. 


Mojca has been a senior lecturer at the Institute for Political Science in Paris, France, for almost a decade, where she shares her extensive experience and knowledge with the students of a Masters’ course called "Financing the EU". She guides her students through the 'Discharge and Budget procedures'; helping develop the management and negotiation skills of the future EU decision makers.


Her record of achievement in public and private sectors, distinctly equip her to open channels for dialogue across all organisations, in need of an expert opinion.   


" Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue, that counts. "

We're ready to share our advice and experience.