M.A Consulting, Luxembourg is focused on providing training, audit and consulting services to the beneficiaries of European Grants, worldwide. We help you understand and comply with the European legislation requirements in terms of legality and regularity; and with an interactive approach guide you towards the establishment of a control system, that will aid you in the correct financial implementation of your European funded projects.

We bring more than 20 years’ of senior experience acquired across the government sector, the private sector and the European forum. Whatever the scenario, we can help you find the right solution for your every enquiry and add unspoken context to every conversation. 

Analytical Thinking
Coaching and Training
Stakeholder Relations
Negotiations and Advocacy
   - Senior Lecturer
   -  Auditor  at the European         Court of Auditors 
   - Member of the Budget             Committee, Brussels

  - Chairperson during the            Slovenian Presidency 


M.A Consulting provides financial consulting services to international beneficiaries of EU grants and other funds, that have been approved for the implementation of research and innovation programmes. We help you understand both financial rules and requirements, that regulate the grant approved programmes / projects under the Horizon 2020.


We help you understand the complex procedures created for the adoption of the EU legislation and its broad effects on your business operations. We work hard to provide you with a variety of highly effective tools, that will not only help you manage your project, but leave you feeling confident in your ability to deal with the checks and audits from the EU.  


M.A Consulting, Luxembourg works with organisations across the globe, from both private and public sectors; and targets populations that cover a variety of industry fields including universities and research institutions etc, with participants who range from the most basic level of understanding to more advanced knowledge of the European financial rules. 


We work with organisations across these sectors

International Organisations

Public Research Insitutes

Private Organisations and SMEs

Private Organisations and SMEs


I recently attended a Financial Management Training delivered by Mojca Ambroz. She is articulate and very informative on all aspects of H2020. We were in group of eight with various degrees of knowledge and Mrs Ambroz covered all the participants questions in a thoughtful and meaningful way with real life examples of Grant participation, reporting, audit, personnel costs and record keeping. She also has a great sense of humour and makes the training a delight. I would highly recommend her for your training requirements of ECs Horizon2020.
Shamla, Shell Global Solutions 

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